Today we visited the Scotland Zoo and saw different kinds of animals like eagles, penguins, tigers and so on. They are dynamic and lovely. After walking around in the zoo. We had an education session about the extinct animals. We learnt that there are quite a lot of reasons that cause animals extinction like over hunting, live capture, pollution and so on. After this session, I realized we should pay more attention to environmental protection in order to keep the  species alive.

Edinburgh Zoo

It was a rainy and chilly day. Couldn't believe it was the fourth day already! We went to the  Edinburgh Zoo after the shadowing of our schools. We bought some lunch in the local cafe nearby and we headed to the zoo by bus. We were so excited to see lots of animals there!

We bought some food for lunch in a local cafe. Time to get some practice in using English in real!
The pelican is so lovely.
It was the first time for us to see so many penguins! They were not afraid of people. They walked towards us! Maybe they thought we had fish but...sorry...
The most interesting part in the zoo was attending a lesson called 'the Endangered Asia' conducted by Mr. Blair Cockburn. He introduced us the threats the animals may face, for example, over hunting, pollutions, habitat loss and even more. I learnt that we should treat the animals well. Also, people hunt the animals for different products. We have to do something for the animals like not buying those products and stop polluting …
Today we visited the Edinburgh Zoo. Although there are quite a lot of different animals there, I felt nothing special. Through the trip to the zoo, I understand that many animals are facing some serious problems.

There is something i want to share. Today, I need to change my host family. In the morning, i almost cry because of Dibya'family. Dibya's mother who cannot speak English fluently but she always tries to communicate with me. She said I can go to her house when I come back to Scotland in the future and she will always be there. I felt so warm and I think I am very lucky to be hosted at Dibya's home. After that, she took photos with me. I really wanted to take photos with all the family members but it is a pity we cannot make it because we would be late for school. When I went outside, Dibya'mother gave me a hug. I felt so impressed and i hope time can stop at that moment.

After visiting the Scotland National Museum, we walked back to our school and saw a street singer singing a very joyous song. It attracted everyone's attentions. Even the weather was not very sunny but the song was very impressive to me. I realized that Scotland's life style was quite slow when comparing to Hong Kong life.
I love it!!!!
Yesterday we visit the Edinburgh castle. it is a very famous place in Edinburgh and attracts a lot of visitors from all over the world. The building is very tall and imposing. We can't stop our hands with our cameras. That's a wonderful experience to me!
We took photos with the local people and the kid is very cute.
We are in the castle and the design is different from the buildings in Hong Kong.Although it was cold today, we felt comfortable and we all enjoyed it. When we stood there, we could see how different the buildings are.  The feeling is so different from Hong Kong.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Halloween is coming soon.It is a tradition to make a jack-o'-lantern. It was the first time we carved the pumpkins. It was so interesting! It was not easy to carve the pumpkins as they are quite hard and rough.
We had a great time carving the pumpkin! Amelie made her own pumpkin too. We carvedFIVE in the end! We succeeded! YEAH!
Amelie carved a funny one! We played with our pumpkins all the night!
A delicious dinner after all the hard work! We are ready for Halloween!